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Gillian has two articles,
"The History of Gingerbread" and "Doggett's Coat and Badge: the World's Oldest Rowing Race," in this compilation of essays by more than fifty authors of historical fiction on real-life stories and tantalizing tidbits discovered while doing research for their own historical novels.

Castles, Customs & Kings
on Amazon.com

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I encourage you to buy my books at your local independent bookstore. If they don't have them in stock, they can order them! In the San Francisco Bay Area, you can buy my books at Laurel Bookstore

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The Darling Strumpet is now in mass market paperback with a preview chapter of
Venus in Winter

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In the runup to the publication of The September Queen, I blogged about each day's events in Charles's six-week odyssey in trying to escape from England after the Battle of Worcester on September 3, 1651. theroyalmiracle.blogspot.com

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Historical Fiction Examiner

Unusual Historicals

Interview on Inside bay Area

Interview with Richard Sutton, fellow author at Pastimes

Interview on
Number One Novels

Live Chat on Passages to the Past

Q&A on Misadventures
of Moppet

Interview with Kayla Posney of
Pittsburgh Historical Fiction Examiner

Interview with Carl Kozlowski in Pasadena Weekly

Unusual Historicals interview

Peeking Between the Pages interview

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Gillian's books for sale on
Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers Blog

The Diary of Samuel Pepys
Bess of Hardwick Letters project

-:- Venus In Winter -:-

Based on the first forty years of the life of Bess of Hardwick, 1527-1608, the formidable four-times widowed Tudor dynast who began life in genteel poverty and ended as the richest and most powerful woman in England after Queen Elizabeth; built Chatsworth House and Hardwick Hall; and is the forebear of numerous noble lines including the Dukedoms of Devonshire, Norfolk, Somerset, and Newcastle, the Earls of Lincoln, Portsmouth, Kellie, and Pembroke, the Baron Waterpark, and the current royal family of Britain.

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"An engrossing look at a powerful woman in English history... With the book's rich descriptions, readers will feel as if they are right there among the pomp and circumstance of 1500s England, as Bess finds herself thrust into the glamorous, yet treacherous, court life of King Henry VII. As Bess navigates her rise through society and secures her place in history, Venus in Winter becomes a worthy epic novel." -- Romantic Times Book Reviews

"A vast panorama of Tudor history, from the viewpoint of a legendary woman who loomed large in it." --Margaret George, author of Elizabeth I: The Novel

"Venus in Winter" does justice to the extraordinary, powerful and dangerous Bess of Hardwick. Gillian Bagwell has brought to vivid life one of the great women of Tudor England." --Bernard Cornwell, author of 1356

"A wonderful portrait of one of Elizabethan England's most fascinating--and most long-lived--women. A great read, rich with detail and story." --Diana Gabaldon, author of the bestselling Outlander series

"Gillian Bagwell ventures among England's Tudor nobility in this novel about a shy, bewildered girl who would eventually become the grande dame known as Bess of Hardwick. The crushing anxiety of family financial burdens, the marital expectations placed on high-born young women, and the uncertainties of life under Henry VIII and his children are all explored in this richly imagined and beautifully written novel. I think it's Bagwell's best!" --Pat Bracewell, author of Shadow on the Crown

"Gillian Bagwell proves that a Tudor heroine doesn't have to be royal to fascinate us. An eyewitness account of the turbulent reigns of five English monarchs, Venus in Winter is a refreshing, engaging, and impeccably researched novel." --Leslie Carroll, author of Royal Romances

Buy it now on Amazon!

-:- The Darling Strumpet -:-

Available now!
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-:- The September Queen - :-

Available now!
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"Bagwell may be one of the newer writers in the historical fiction genre, but she is
one of the most talented!" - Pittsburgh Historical Fiction Examiner

"Don't you just love it when you find a new favourite author!!!!"
- Jaffa Reads Too book blog

Historical Novel Society conference 2012, the Nell-Rochester scene from The Darling Strumpet with Diana Gabaldon reading the narration.

Video by Johnny Yates

Historical Novel Society conference 2011, the Nell-Rochester scene from The Darling Strumpet with Diana Gabaldon reading the narration.

-:- Biography -:-

Gillian Bagwell's richly detailed historical novels bring to vivid life England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Venus in Winter, based on the first forty years of the life of the formidable four-times widowed dynast Bess of Hardwick, begins with Bess's introduction to the court of Henry VIII just as the king weds Anne of Cleves. Bess quickly learns to navigate the treacherous waters, and survives the turbulent reigns of five Tudor monarchs to become of the most powerful women in the history of England

The Darling Strumpet puts the reader smack in the tumultuous world of seventeenth century London, charting Nell Gwynn's meteoric rise from the grimy slums to triumph as a beloved comic actress, through the cataclysmic years of the last plague epidemic and the Great Fire of 1666, to the licentious court and the arms of the king.

The September Queen (U.K. title The King's Mistress) is the first fictional accounting of the extraordinary real-life adventure of Jane Lane, who risked all to help the young Charles II escape after the disastrous Battle of Worcester in 1651, saving his life and the future of the English monarchy.

Gillian uses her years of experience in theatre an actress, director, and producer to help authors give effective public readings, through workshops and private coaching.

Her life-long fascination with British history and dedication to research infuse her novels with a compelling evocation of time and place, and provide fodder for her non-fiction writing, including articles on "Frost Fairs on the River Thames," "The Royal Miracle: The Biggest What-If in English History," and "1660: The Year of the Restoration of Theatre". Gillian blogged her research adventures for The Darling Strumpet (nellgwynn.blogspot.com) and The September Queen, including the day-by-day events of Charles II's dramatic escape after the Battle of Worcester (theroyalmiracle.blogspot.com).

Please keep visiting Gillian's website for more on her books and upcoming events.

-:- Articles & Other Writings -:-

"The Royal Miracle"
on History in an Hour

Doggett's Coat and Badge,
the Oldest Race in the World

Christmas Recipes from
Tudor and Stuart England

The Next Best Thing to Being
There - Recreating a Journey

"The Royal Oak"

Riding Pillion

Portait Miniatures

Priest Holes

Seventeenth Century Memorabilia

When You Can't Get There
from Here

"The Royal Oak"

The Royal Miracle

The History of Gingerbread

  Frost Fairs on the River Thames

Twelfth Night Traditions

on The Darling Strumpet

How Life Can Change a Writing Space

-:- Performance Coaching -:-

Lose your nerves, give your material the performance it deserves, and enjoy the process! Coaching for author readings, acting auditions, public speaking, etc. Gillian is a classically trained actress with many years of experience as an actress, director and producer.

I've posted several videos on Nell Gwynn's London, sites associated with Nell's life and/or scenes from The Darling Strumpet.

See them on YouTube

Gillian's articles on the months from May 1660 to January 1661, to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Restoration of Charles II, the reopening of the playhouses that had been closed for eighteen years under Cromwell, and the first appearance of an actress on the English stage:

May 1660: Hoydens and Firebrands
June 1660: Reading the Past
July 1660: Historical Tapestry
Aug. 1660: Passages To The Past
Sept. 1660: History Hoydens
Oct. 1660: Historical Fiction Connection
Nov. 1660: Historically Obsessed
Dec. 1660: Nell Gwynn Blog
  Jan. 1661: Historical Tapestry

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